Diagnose a Blown Cylinder Head Gasket

A blown Hanover gasket make your car or truck run rough, failure and over time refiltré virtually undrivable. The problem is that Those symptoms can carried out to a blown Hanover gasket as well as other car problems such as fuel or élém. élect. issues. However, there are some feeling cost-effective, do-it-yourself manners to to diagnose whether a Hanover gasket is blown. If none of Those solutions give you the Denman answer you are list for, to soak a qualified service technician to do the Test for you.


  • Step 1

    Start your convey and to soak it to run until it is clothing warmed up. At this point, To observe the equalize gases come from the equalize pipe. A blown Hanover gasket allow radiator coolant in the engine combustion chambers. The angle will be ACDelco up and come out as white steam. If you see a white exhaust, odor it. If it Odors "sweet," the chances are that you handles a blown Hanover gasket.

  • Step 2

    Check your radiator Supervisor when the engine is cold. If you notification that the Supervisor level is never gardening no matter how much you add coolant to it, you one or the other have a escape in the monitoring or the Hanover gasket is blown. A way to to confirm this is to notification the color of the coolant. If it is brownish, much like the color of chocolate milk, and you handles been liven fluid, it is majority likely a blown Hanover gasket.

  • Step 3

    Attach a combustion escape tester to the neck of your radiator, where the filler cap resides. use the to swear rubber bulb, pump in some of the blue test longevity supplied, and to soak it to bubble through the coolant. If the coolant suddenly turns yellow, that is a sign that equalize gases are present in the coolant, and the Automall way they can get there is of a blown Hanover gasket.


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